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The Original Cakerie


garlic choppedThe Original Cakerie began in 1979 as a small industrial bakery producing high quality food service desserts for the local restaurants in Victoria, B.C., Canada.

The original concept of creating delicious desserts with a homemade taste is as true today as it was back then. With this philosophy guiding its strategic development, The Original Cakerie has grown to be the largest privately owned dessert manufacturer in Canada and our frozen desserts are distributed nationally and available from coast to coast throughout North America.

Located since 1989 in Delta (Vancouver), BC, The Original Cakerie offers superior product safety through its innovative production facility. Dedicated to delivering product excellence in the frozen dessert category, the ‘Original’ will always continue to raise the bar on product innovation and will remain true to its core values.

All of our cakes and bars offer a unique food service format and are made with exceptional European-style attention to detail and quality

We’re both involved in the day-to-day aspects of the company; from both the technological side of the business, to customer relationships.




Our tall, decadent layer cake creations in a 12’’ x 16’’ half-sheet format are filled with luscious ingredients such as 100% dairy whipping cream, pure fruit fillings, and European blends of milk and dark chocolates. Available in its versatile Uncut or Cut Super Size format.  

Our dessert cakes are not only moist and delicious but also combine favourite ingredients. Their names say it all – Triple Chocolate Fudge, Maple Chocolate Mania, Vanilla Caramel Swirl, or Country Carrot … they will all melt in your mouth.

A completely new category of layered and rich dessert bars that are simply out of this world! Chock full of flavour, combined with innovative visual and textured layers and always guaranteed to delight!
Nick’s Chorizo Sausage.

Our decadent dessert bars ranging from traditional Nanaimo Bars, the rich Deep Dutch Brownies, the Tripleberry Crumble and Lemonburst Macaroon Bars to the innovative tiger striped Triple Chocolate Chunk Brownie provide versatility in their different presentations due to the flexible uncut sheet format.
Ideal for catering buffets, single plate presentations or in the bakery-cafe. these dessert bars are so wholesome and good that they will disappear in an instant!

A combination or a variety of 4 different single sheet dessert bars and/or single layer cakes that are stored in one convenient single case. You can never get enough of… our Combi and Variety Paks!